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My recent work addresses the changing nature and perceptions of landscape. I revisit and question the traditions of a picturesque vista in response to recent effects of global warming. I am particularly interested in currents of water and air, specifically the effects of monster storms and tornados. The resulting build up of clouds, torrential rains, high winds and tidal surges are the subjects for my imagery.

My work represents an environment in flux through the medium and process of drawing and collage.  These processes are most appropriate for conveying the instability of our global climate through their immediacy and malleability.  I compose in fragments, bits of representation and pieces of paper. Shapes are loosely organized, intentionally ambiguous and open ended such that one merges into another. The viewer makes associations via the fragments of information given. But the image is never given in its entirety. I deliberately play with ambiguity and uncertainty reflecting the instability of our current situation in nature.  

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